Cutting the Cord to Cable

Discussion in 'Gear' started by Ewker, Jul 3, 2013.

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    Don't invite Titans Eternal. He'll steal all of it.
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    Roku. Been using it for 3 years and now have 2. It has about 750+ channels many free some paid but you decide which ones you want and what ones you want to pay for. Some good free ones. Also of course has Netflix,Hulu,Amazon,Vudo,Pandora and much more. Starting at 50$ up to 100$ for the box which is very small. After that noa activation fees or services to join or anything. You own the box the size of a hockey puck
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    not understanding the drug use but otherwise am jealous of your situation
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    Question about Roku...

    Can I get all local (network) stations (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX), ESPN, AMC, FX, Comedy Central, and NFL Network?

    Those are about the only stations I ever watch. The only need for the local stations is for sports. Otherwise I hate them.
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    I don't know for sure but you may have to get an HD Antenna for local stuff. I hope someone else can answer that better than I did
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    I hear you. I don't have many vices... I don't drink alcohol, coffee or smoke cigarettes. I don't even smoke marijuana... I just love the hashish. I'm a little high strung so it's actually a good match for my personality. As a rule I only smoke it during my leisure time... never when working, and never use it as an excuse for poor behavior or allow myself to get lazy. I guess in a perfect world I wouldn't smoke the cheese, but it isn't a perfect world and smoke it I do. Honestly it's probably a lot less invasive habit than most people's caffeine addiction (the culture of coffee is pretty crazy).
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    Got that right. Never seen so many short tempers in my life than I did when in Seattle. Coffee shops everywhere in that city. Has to be a correlation. Was out there for work with some guys from western North Carolina who are all pretty chill. We were remarking on the way back how on edge everyone there seemed.

    They even let tempers flare at their gay pride parade:
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    Talked with the wife last night and we decided that when our contract is up in December we're going to "cut the cord" for a 2 month trial period and see how we like it. There will definitely be certain things each of us will miss. But I have a feeling that extra $100/month in our pocket will help ease the pain.
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    No. However I went to Big Lots and bought a 17$ HD antenna for my mom and she gets local channels just fine. So she has her roku and then local channels. I have a roku and free basic cable in my place.
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    I also gave up cable for good a couple years ago and me and the family just watch stuff on netflix or hulu so we haven't missed cable or the bill one bit.I do like quite a few others do on here i find the Titans game online pretty much every week during the season.
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