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  1. Soxcat

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    I'll quit carrying my "anti-Woolfolk" banner when Fisher and Schwartz quit carrying it. After all they are the ones that have him rated as the 4th CB.
  2. Brian

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  3. Dyslexia, a real lack of understanding what your reading when your reading. I have emailed Mr. Kuharsky on his recent report. Amazing that the Titans have not released any talk about their rosters or lineups and Mr. Kuharsky comes with this report. His analogy is based on the fact that the Titans were working Fuller at the nickel..... Well yes Mr. Allwise Seeing Eye behind the bag on your avatar, that would fall right in line with the consistency of Fisher and Chuck Cecil or Fisher and Everett Withers - do you even know who they are????? - Let me help you, guess your book isn't doing you well.... Chuck Cecil - Safeties and Nickelbacks...... Everett Withers - Cornerbacks..... Wow - Amazing, I wonder why..... because the phylosophies are different. They don't work nickels and corners together..... ahhhhhh, Sherlock. If Andre is going to challenge Hill, he can't do it from a Nickel perspective. And that my friends is a Wrap.... If it isn't - look at my answer to smart alec Brian on the post following yours..... Peace
  4. Read the response to Soxcat, because it also applies to you since you hang out in the same Dyslexic corner, then both of you read this:


    Thanks RM.....WU
  5. Jwill1919

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    This is funny, didn't we have this same conversation last year,and then a 7th round rookie ended up starting more games as a rookie than Woolfolk has in his 4 year career. Coincidence? I think NOT. I don't dislike Andre, but he has disappointed me. I'm also not blinded by the loving bias as WU, but I do hope the best for him, because his success is for the success of the Titans.
  6. :sad2:
    You know JWill, that is completely acceptable and what I have been saying period, thus my note earlier in this post wishing everyone well, even those competing for the same roster spots, but Mr. Bag Avatar and Benny Hill are just stuck in some zone or another. A lot of pride in the team, I tell you. Fans usually wear bags when they have given up hope for their team and Benny Hill represents degradation, thus the nature of the posts from both.:sad2:
  7. Brian

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    Well, Blake Beddingfield (not that you would know who HE is) was in the TitansCentral chat room Wednesday night and confirmed that Hill, Pacman, and Fuller are the top three CB's. He even said that Fuller has the ability to play on the outside if need be. He said he's "very good in coverage, man or zone".

    It's quite possible that if either Pacman or Hill got hurt, Fuller would be the guy to move outside, and we'd cross our fingers with Woolfolk in the slot.....if he can beat out Gardner and Finnegan of course. At this point Andre is nothing more than a special teams player and a backup CB fighting for playing time with late round draft picks.
  8. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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  9. Note in your post Brian you broke your paragraph because the bottom paragraph is by you, not Blake. Glad to know that Blake hangs out... Oh you see, unlike you and your buddy Sox...some people are in to make sure everybody is on even keel, so now that you've displayed your little Blakely knowledge, I'll just join the little chat sessions and see how legitimate your babblings are. Who makes that decision Blake or Jeff... Blake is a scout. It stops there. If he were a coach, he'd be a coach. When the Titans release something official come back and shoot off your mouth, and even then, I have said all along, that it will take what happens in camp to make the difference, so all of it is irrelevant. If Andre plays his way into the left corner in camp and pre-season, that will mean he beat out the current people ahead of him, whether it is Fuller included or not, so once again your moot point is what....... Wait and see and while you're at it just so you understand what I said earlier a little more clearly:

    [​IMG] Oh you can't take my joy awaaaayyy, no you can't take my joy awwwwaaayyy!!!
  10. Brian

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    You should try it some time. Might make your rambling run-ons somewhat coherent.
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