College football playoff closer than ever

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Alex1939, Apr 25, 2012.

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    What pisses me off about these discussions is that every year some 2nd tier team has a run and the media jumps on them and then people start complaining about how they are going to get screwed. Like Houston last year who was 7-0 at one point and people started to whine that they might get left out. Alabama's 2nd string would beat them!

    Look at the draft, you all know who had the best players.

    Would i love a real playoff? Hell yes! The idea of Alabama traveling to Columbus for a playoff game would be awesome. Michigan coming to Tuscaloosa or USC having to go to Nebraska and play in 25 degree weather. hell yes i would love that. Those types of games would be epic! I just don't see it ever happening.
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    The day the BCS matched up Boise with TCU in what was basically turned into a JV bowl to, 1. automatically get rid of an undefeated team and 2. not give them a shot to show they could play with the big conference teams, I was done with it.

    I also don't enjoy being treated like I'm a total moron. I'd prefer the NCAA not make up lies like telling me the players would miss too much class time, or that a playoff wouldn't be feasible because of finals, winter break and NFL playoffs. What happened to those excuses now? The difference is they figured out a way to milk even more money out of it.
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    Well Boise State and TCU play in totally weaker conferences than big boys. That's why you've seen them move. Sorry but you can't play the former WAC schedule and think that is anywhere near equal SEC/PAC/Big10 territory.
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    That's fine, but they shouldn't be in the BCS bowls to begin with if they're not going to play BCS teams. Not to mention those two teams have held their own every time they've gone up against BCS teams in the last decade when they've been matched up against one.

    The NCAA didn't want to have the controversy of one of, and god forbid, both of those teams winning against higher competition. As simple as that.
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    1-AA schools must have terrible academics.
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    I agree really. There are too many D1 teams that don't belong. Too many weak conferences.

    As far as holding there own, let's face it - it's the biggest accomplishments of those tiny schools history. It just doesn't mean as much to an Alabama/Auburn/LSU/OhioState/etc/etc to play in the runner-up BCS bowls.
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    I'd think the bigger schools wouldn't want to be that team that lost to an inferior opponent on a national stage, especially when Oklahoma got killed by the media after their loss to Boise.

    I think you underrate a team like Wisconsin, whose goal other than winning a national title, measures their season by the standard of winning the Rose Bowl. TCU still beat them.
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    The Rose Bowl is a little different because its longstanding tradition with the Pac/Big10.

    I agree that those bigger schools don't want to be that team, but that is hardly as motivating as playing in a national title. Have to remember these are very young men and I'm sure it's in a lot of their minds, if we just hadn't had that one loss we'd be in the BCS title game right now.... Plus the whole month in between games thing.
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    That reminds me of when Alabama was playing some no name school after Florida beat them in the SEC Championship game. It was so obvious they didn't even bother to show up during the first quarter that I didn't even bother to watch the rest of the game.

    I think if a team wasn't in much consideration for the NC game, they may play at their best in their respective bowl game. But like you said, if a team misses the big game by one loss, I can't imagine they care about a bowl game while they know they could be off doing something more.
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    That's the dumbest sh** I've ever heard.