CJ2K Will Be Back Next Year

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dtm586, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Alex1939

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    I am excited to have CJ back next season. Still need some fat bruiser for some situational runs though.
  2. cdubbs2121

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    All the people always hating our players and slopping on the Texans so hard can suck a fat dong.
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  3. titanflamer

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    I love to see those long runs as much as anyone, but instead of 120 yds in a game with one 80 yard run, it would be better if he had ten twelve yd runs, or 20 six yds etc. Consistent yds equals long drives, more 1st downs, a better passing game, usually.

    I liked your example. Another would be if a company hired two workers. One worker does his job well all day throughout the week.

    The other worker does not do as well and stalls production. Once in a while he works hard for a few moments, but the overall production is pitiful.

    I will have to say I am very impressed with CJ,s blocking. He also seems to have a law abiding private life.His temper is exemplary . I want to see less negative runs and more production in the passing game.

    With that being said, he will never be one to break tackles and run over folks consistently. I do agree that he needs an excellent line to flourish. Lets hope he gets that help next season. It should help the running and passing game as well.