CJ Changes his Tone

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewHorizans, May 8, 2013.

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    CJ is damned if does or damned if he doesnt. Just b/c he got paid everyone will dislike him regardless if he ran for 2000 yards again!
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    Well duh. You can't get paid $10M/yr and not deliver.
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    Exactly. All I'm saying is we all know CJ is a selfish, me-first dude. He didn't all of a sudden mature over a one-month period at age 27. Now, does that mean I don't want him to play well? Absolutely not. But CJ sure does talk a lot for a guy who hasn't really done anything special since 2009. I don't mind a loudmouth.... so long as he can back it up. Hell, I would've loved to have had a guy like TO in his prime.

    If CJ struggles for any significant period of time I can guarandamntee he will be back to his old whiney, finger-pointing ways. What's amazing is this guy never seems to understand that if he didn't talk himself up so much to the media then he wouldn't be nearly as scrutinized when he inevitably craps the bed. When you talk about rushing for 2,500 yards and then you go out and rush for 1,300, yeah, it makes you look pretty stupid and people are going to talk about you. Then you look even worse when you refuse to accept any of the blame yourself and publicly point the finger at your teammates.
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    CJ doesn't have an excuse. Our O-line is borderline elite again.
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    This is so untrue and I'm tired of the CJ fanboys using it as an excuse. CJ turned people off with his me-first attitude and lack of consistent effort. Not to mention he admitted to coming into the season out of shape after the holdout. It isn't about his paycheck. In fact, I seem to recall 98% of this board being in the "pay da man" camp.

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    They asked CJ to predict his rushing yards for 2013, he said "no predictions". :clap::clap:
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    Say what you want about CJ but he's always honest. I don't think he changed his tone, he simply acknowledged the aggressiveness of our FA and draft and gave our FO credit. He didn't say anything that wasn't true. He did seem more welcoming of Greene but he also made himself clear when he said that everyone needs a backup. So that was more of a subtle dig than anything.

    I didn't like how he threw the OL under the bus without accepting any fault of his own because there were a bunch of times that he gave up on runs without fighting for more yardage. A lot of that had to do with sh!++y OL play but he had a big part of that inconsistency himself.

    Ideally we will get the most out of CJ AND have the team winning games. 2008 was a great year and I can only hope that we get back to that type of success.
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    No, he is damned because of his retarded, loud mouth and calling out and insulting fans.

    Contract be damned, I didnt agree with it but didnt develop any ill feelings towards him until he started whining like a little girl and calling out fans.

    That being said, if he produces, no one cares and we all love him again.
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    LOL oh yeah. Totally forgot about that one in my previous post. No quicker way to get on the fans bad side than that.

    But yeah, at the end of the day 99% of what matters is what happens out on the field each Sunday. I just get tired of certain people acting like CJ is just this poor soul getting picked on because of his bank account. He's given fans plenty of reason to jump off the bandwagon.
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    Oh, you mean like him literally carrying his fallen teammate off the field so the TEAM can still have a chance to win the game vs New Orleans?

    Oh wait.
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