Christian Ponder

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Deuce Wayne, Oct 4, 2012.

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    I bring it up cause its fun to mess with an egomaniac who can't admit being wrong about anything.
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    Manuel actually looked pretty decent Sunday. Not great but not terrible.
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    ponder is horrible. makes me feel a little better about Jake Locker.. but not much.
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    My problem with Manuel is him making awful decisions at the absolute worst time, every time. 3rd and ten in FG range and he'll take an awful sack running around and knock you out of field goal range. He has the Cam Newton scatter-shot arm. He misses open throws high A LOT.

    For every great game he played at FSU like he had against Clemson there were two equally bad games. He just looked like a good college QB to me. I suppose his size, athleticism and arm strength set him apart from the rest of the class in 2013, but he wasn't a first round pick.
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    Well it was a pretty weak class. And he does look like an NFL QB at least with the size and arm strength which puts him ahead the rest of that class. From what you have said he sounds like a project QB. At least the Bills traded down to get him. From what I remember hearing on Buffalo radio the night before the draft they had him pegged as a late first or early second round guy. But did not want to risk not getting him so they planned to reach.