Chris Johnson appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Tim, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Tim

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    I would agree with you on the defense of part but when someone is getting hit in the backfield 70% of the time it's kind hard to agree with you or when our coaches aren't that creative with his kind of talents
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    Its part that but why did he all of a sudden lose his bag of tricks after he was paid? do you not see he's just trying to survive to another contract and make money?

    his priorities are not the same since he came into the league and was killing it.
  3. The Hammer

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    Happened about the same time
  4. Big Time Titan

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    Normally I would say I don't think so Tim, but I am actually with you when it comes to CJ. There is absolutely no reason to cut CJ at this point. We have already paid him the worst part of his contract. My biggest knock on CJ as of late has been his lack of hustle and unwillingness to be a great receiver.

    BUT I still don't think that he's worthless like many people here seem to believe. I won't sit here and pretend that all of his running woes are on the OL, though much of it is on the OL. I don't believe that he has lost a step but I do see that he isn't running fearlessly like he was 2K and pre-2K. I'm not shy when it comes to being a loyal CJ fan but I also don't blindly say that he's great even when he's not performing at such a high level as he can/has proven he can.

    I see no reason to cut CJ.
  5. The Hammer

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    I think :cj: would be better suited to a wide open passing attack. Like Marshall Faulk with the Rams.
  6. Big Time Titan

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    Just based on what I've seen it seems like CJ doesn't make as much of an effort in the passing game because our QBs almost never get him the ball on time. They either throw it to him when a defender is already closing in on him so if he catches the ball he's sure to get lit up. I don't blame him for dropping some of those balls in those cases.

    At the same time I think that coaches/QBs don't like to throw him the ball because he won't catch it. I think that timing is important on when you check down to your RB, you have to get the ball when he has a chance to make something happen not when he's gonna get hammered.
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    How could you mean that?

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    5/10 would smash but not enter a relationship with.

    Dat nose.
  9. Tim

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    Good idea but do you truly believe we have the coaches for that type of offense ?

    I'm not trying to be a blind fan here but I'm not going to bash our RB when our line can't run block worth **** and our coaches can't coach.

    If we can trade him for something good that's good but that's the only way of let him go
  10. Kaeotik

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    lol The guy has easily been our best player for the past 5 years. Our fanbase pretty much blames the highest paid player when we lose. It's funny, strange, and sad all at the same time. How about jumping on the guys that don't score TD's and are actually below average/bad players? Where is the hate for Stewart? The man has been straight ass all year. He makes quite a bit of money too! Know why anti CJ folks always say "So what. He scored a TD after the game was essentially over?" Because he actually scored a TD. Something he does considerably more often that other Titans by the way. I guess he sucks and everything is his fault though. I don't know.