Chow Praises Young as He Continues to Improve

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    The Steelers had a bad season in 03 - not the degree of bad we've had, but they flipped. Defensively, we have a lot of pieces in place. Whether they gel, or how soon, remains to be seen.

    We would limit the offense, and surely with our RB stable, which arguably could soon be comparable to the stable of Bettis, Staley, Parker, handing the ball off would be our M.O. Not saying we would push for the division or anything, but I think there is some merit to letting Vince come out at the appropriate time to learn OTJ how to manage a football game.
  2. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    To all those who feel Vince needs to be on the field, go back and look at history and find me any QB who was successful as a rookie. There may be a handful and you can bet they had a much better supporting cast than the Titans have on offense right now.

    Aikman? Nope. Manning? Nope. Starting QBs as rookies has done more damage than good in long-term development of many players.

    Fisher and Reese are on record, repeatedly, that they want to handle Young like McNair was. That means his role is to be limited this season except in a few unique situations (goal line, mop up). He needs a year on the sidelines, holding a clipboard, learning the game.

    The Titans, from day one, have said this is the plan. So why make him the #2? If Mauck is that bad, bring in a vet who can also help Young learn the game.
  3. cdy_hitt

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    Thanks alot..
  4. Titansfan10

    Titansfan10 Camp Fodder

    VY in goal line situations
  5. ShoTym

    ShoTym Rookie of the Year

    Guys, Vince has been doubted since high school and has always.....ALWAYS proven his doubters wrong. I have learned not to doubt this kid. They said he couldn't single handedly beat USC with Pete Carroll having 4 weeks to prepare. He did. History says he can't step right in and play, but I will believe that he cannot do it, when I see that he cannot do it.

    As far as the "talents" that were thrown to the wolves and never recovered, it was more about head and less about talent. Vince doesn't have a head problem. He actually thrives under pressure. I don't see a problem with him being ruined by being thrown to the wolves.
  6. wplatham

    wplatham U of M Class of 2012

    Yes, Pittsburgh relied heavily on the run. But Big Ben still had around 2500 yds. So obviously he threw the ball some. I imagine that if we were in the same situation, we'd lean on the run more, too. I see no reason to believe that Roethlisberger had any better grasp of his offense than Young will have at the same point.

    To tell the absolute truth, I really wouldn't care how good Vince was his first season. Manning and Aikman both are HOFs. If I knew Vince would turn out that successful, I'd take a 0-16 record right now. I want him to sit and learn for a while, but if I were to choose between Vince starting week 1 or Mauck starting week 1, I'd go with Vince.
  7. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    His head hasn't been an issue because he's always been successful. If he was to go out and have some major setbacks because he wasn't ready, maybe he handles it well -- maybe not. We won't know until it happens.

    Are you willing to take the risk of damaging and possibly even ruining Young's career? I don't see the need to risk it in '06.

    I don't play him unless I feel he's ready. I don't throw him in if Volek goes down unless he's ready. Therefore, I don't make him the #2 until he's ready to play if Volek goes down.
  8. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    He's the #2 now because he's the next best option after Volek.

    Look, I hope Volek makes it through the entire season, throws for over 4,000yards and gets a TD for every 100 yards that he throws.

    But if you read between the lines of what Floyd and Jeff are saying, you can tell that they will not be as patient with Vince as they were with Steve, that despite the similarities, there are an equal number of differences, and it's those that will lead them to play Vince sooner than later. When I say "manage" a game, getting that experience, it does not mean "replace Volek for the rest of the season." It means give him a series or two. Let him start a preseason game. Let him play in the 4th if we're way ahead or hopelessly behind. He will be holding a clipboard plenty enough.

    I think Floyd and Jeff and Bud and Norm know that they shouldn't be quite as patient with Vince as they were with Steve, and they likely stymied Steve's development by holding him back for so long. It won't happen again, I'd bet.

    Anyhow, given Volek's likelihood of injury (hope not; really do) we will probably see VY play some, regardless of want. I expect we will bring in a new QB, but it will probably be someone who can be a 2nd-3rd string QB after this year, someone with youth and not one of the grizzled veterans currently contemplating retirement.

    Finally, this is Chow's decision. He's been told he can play VY when he thinks he's ready. Does anyone else get the sense that the brass wants Vince on the field as soon as he's ready? Key word: brass. Not fans. This will go like this, roughly, I think: If we're winning after the midpoint, Volek stays in, rides the season out. If we're losing badly, Vince gets to start a few games toward the end. Just my guess.
  9. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    I too get the feeling management wants him on the field. Everything points to that. But why not, he's the best college qb. There's no reason to think he's not ready.
  10. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Based on what? From what I remember, a QB needs to know the playbook and read a defense. If Volek goes down in Miami, do you automatically put Young into the game if he's not ready? If he is the #2, you are.

    I disagree. Everything I've read indicated they were resisting the urge to rush him and were going to bring him along slowly. Remember all the talk from Reese on how the team handled McNair and the success that created? Then, before training camp opens he's made the #2? Sounds like a mixed message to me.

    I agree. But the #2 often times has to do much more than that as we've seen happen across the league. Volek gets clobbered in the first quarter in Miami and is out for a couple of games. Vince becomes the man.

    Indications are they've given up on Mauck though we've not heard anything official. But I agree that the Titans need someone who can come in for at least one season and step in as the #2 and possibly remain in that role after Volek's contract ends in '07.

    I certainly do. I think Bud pushed the pick and is pushing to get him on the field as well. If the Titans are looking bad by week six, you can be the pressure will be on to put Vince in there to see what he can do.

    I just hope the Titans don't end up setting him back by playing him too soon. I stand by my opinion that making him the #2 right now was premature.
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