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Choking in Sports - This year's BCS games

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by World Peace, Jan 8, 2013.


    I've heard a lot of people mistake choking in sports for outright losing the game. I've always wondered what other sports fans thought about the term "Choking," I heard a guy on the radio describe choking as this: "Choking is when you get to get the big game and you stop doing the things you did that got you there."

    When you look at this past BCS bowl season. Only one team choked and that was the Florida Gators.

    NIU went out there and did what they did and got beat by a better Florida State team.
    ND went out there and did what they did every day this season and got outclassed by better athletes who didn't make mistakes and miss tackles.

    Missing tackles is one thing and ND certainly missed plenty... but giving up on the superior arm of your football team.. such as the Florida Gators symbolically giving up on their defense when they were Onside Kicking the ball down 30 to 10 versus the Big East conference champion is the epitome of a choke job. The defense is what got Florida to the Sugar Bowl and an SEC defense got decimated by competition that will actually play in the NFL. Florida panicked. Florida hadn't faced a legitimate QB and 4 WRs that will start on Sundays their whole season which is why the SEC is severely overrated. Please show me which QB and at least 2 WRs that will actually start the first year they are drafted in the NFL.

    So Florida, a team built on running the ball, came out passing on the first 5 of 7 plays of the game. Running the ball got them to the Sugar Bowl and they gave it up once they got on the big stage toi try gadget plays such as fake field goals/wildcat formations/onside kickoffs down 20 points.

    If I've learned anything from this years BCS. I've learned what is a choke job and what isn't. The Florida Gators choked bro. What do you think choking in sports is?
  2. Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Choking is usually what SEC athletes do when they don't have a handgun to kill you with.
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  3. RollTide Pro Bowler

    Not making any excuses but Florida and LSU were disappointed about where they were playing for their post season. If Florida had gotten either Oregon or Kansas St. for their BCS game they would have been much more up for it.

    Florida came within an eye lash of playing for the national title and ended up playing a meaningless bowl game against Louisville. Against Oregon they would have been up for the game big time.

    As for ND they got run over by a truck.

    Bama experienced it from both sides. After losing to Florida is a 1 vs 2 game(sec title game) in 08 they were totally flat in the sugar bowl against Utah and lost. But after the really disappointing 9-3 2010 season they had a chip on their shoulder and destroyed Michigan State in the Capital one bowl.
  4. RollTide Pro Bowler

    We have to remember that you have about 5 weeks of recruiting left after the bowl season and then you have signing day. So that last game should mean something but it still matters who you are playing and what they represent.

    The Georgia and South Carolina wins were big for those programs because they played traditional powers from the big ten. Even though they were ranked higher than the teams they were playing those games mattered and Nebraska and Michigan wanted to knock their sec opponents on their asses.
  5. Riverman Dread the red

    Why don't you and World Peace share the cost of some counseling?

  6. nickmsmith has the most poverty RB corp.


    Being angry about their bowl should have been all the more reason to squash Louisville.. instead they got embarrassed. I've been to the swamp, got the grand tour and everything and have a friend that would literally die for their program.. they humiliated themselves and their fans.. and proved exactly why they didn't belong anywhere near the national championship.

    My buddy came back and said "Not bad for a rebuilding year." but you know he was dying inside. lol. Coming that close just to poop your pants in your bowl game.... shameful.
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  7. Carpy Disgruntled foreign veteran

    I think Peyton gave us a good definition of choking today.
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