Can J.J. Watt be the best defensive player ever?

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    Easily the two best? Give me a break. I'd take Ray Lewis over LT. LT was dominant foe about 5-6 years. Ray was for over a decade, and was effective for nearly 20
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    I think its pretty clear he's not the best defensive player ever. If he's consistent for an extended period he could become mentioned, but I don't know if that'll happen.
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    I would classify defensive players this way. Guys who rush the passer and guys who do other things.

    Reggie White and Ray Lewis would be tops in those 2 categories.

    The one impact thing that Watt already does better than almost any D-lineman ever is get his hands on the ball. He got 20 sacks playing a position that normally doesn't yield a lot of sacks.
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    Titan fans know how good Ray Lewis was in 2000. You could hardly run a play and avoid him.
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    AH did not have a better year. It would be impossible to have a better year. Watt batted 16 balls which is about 3X the norm for quality D-linemen and had 81 tackles, 20 sacks and 4 ff. How can you say anybody was better than that?
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    Maybe because they don't play the same position nor are they the same type of player. We're comparing apples and oranges but if someone was to ask me if I would take last years Watt compared to the 08' Haynesworth then I am going Haynesworth all day long.
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    Actually a 3-4 DE is very similar to a 4-3 DT and the same types of guys are drafted to play both. In this last draft the Jets drafted Richardson to play end in their 3-4 while the vikings drafted Floyd to play DT in their 4-3. Both very similar guys. AH played in a one gap system while Watt has to play square across from an OT and be responsible for 2 gaps.

    The average starting 3-4 end gets about 4.5 sacks a season. Watt got 20 last year. The average starting 3-4 DE gets about 5 pd a season Watt got 16. The average starting 3-4 DE gets 45-50 tackles Watt had 81.

    Nobody has ever had a better season.
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    439 line
    I'm not sure we'll ever see such dominance again from that position. Holding all hate for him, he was by FAR the biggest reason we got 13 wins that year. He was so good, he crashed entire offensive lines like it was nothing. He didn't take many plays off either as he was playing for big money. JJ might get better stats, but Big Al made the entire defense dominant... I'm talking best-in-league dominant... JJ went to an already great D, with a great mind in Wade calling the shots to boot....

    Big Al was so good he dragged a slew of titans to the pro-bowl with him... including all-world-worst Wiffin...
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