Broncos Trade First Round Pick

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titantonic, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. ninerfan

    ninerfan Guest

    allen is still an amazing blocker gunny i read some cowboys forums and half of them cried there eyes out cause allen was gone,especially to the niners
  2. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    If you actually sign Javon, I'll quit mocking your WR corps. But come on, Bryant made 1009 yards strictly because in the last game he broke 100 yards for the first time all year. You lost Lloyd, if you don't sign someone, he won't make 1000 again. As for RB, you don't have 1 decent one, much less 2. While we're not in a position to criticize much, I still think you're being overly optimistic.
  3. smili

    smili Starter

    On the draft point scale that trade was a dead-even trade.

    the 22nd pick value is 780, and the overall 37 + overall 68 = 530 + 250 = 780
  4. Titans2008

    Titans2008 Camp Fodder

    I agree. Under no circumstances do you tank a game. It's always better to have confidence and show improvement than to draft a few spots higher.
  5. ninerfan

    ninerfan Guest

    titans3801- frank gore had 608 yards on 127 attempts that 4.8 ypc. Would you not call that even decent? and what with an improved and more experienced o-line?
    as for bryant he got a 1000 yards cause one game he got over 100 yards? sense?
    that means he averaged 60 yards in the other 15 games not bad, not exactly mind blowing i will admit too. i think donte stallworth of the saints has more of a chance of comin to the niners than walker. Denver really wants him.
  6. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer Tip Jar Donor

    why the hell would you want Stallworth? isnt he a bust?
  7. ninerfan

    ninerfan Guest

    You could say that gunny but stallworth got 900 yards and 7TD's last year.
    The niners could definitely use a guy like that just like the titans needed a david givens kind of guy.Obviously givens would be chosen over stallworth by most teams still with the niners WR's they cant really be picky.
  8. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer Tip Jar Donor

    i'd rather Arnaz Battle.
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