Bring back Floyd Reese!

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    According to your logic, the BPA, if the BPA in this years draft class when we pick 10th overall is a qb then we should draft him?

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    Maybe, put Russel Wilson or Andrew Luck in Jakes shoes and maybe we're in the playoffs.

    I keep saying no QB could succeed with our line, but Jake had terrible terrible pocket awareness this year.

    I'm hopeful he's our franchise QB, but I'm not married to the guy. If a better QB were there I'd take him.

    Seahawks didn't need Wilson when they had Flynn, but they took him and now look where that team is.
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    -The Rams received like the biggest deal in history for a draft pick. Considering they didn't need a franchise QB because they still believe in Bradford it was a pretty easy decision to make while also being an exception to the case. (I mean seriously you can't say no to that deal unless you're targeting the same guy.)

    -For us we have two very legitimate needs at OG and SS. Considering there isn't a SS worth a pick at 10 we eliminate that position. Now we have OG and happen to have Chance Warmack the best prospect at this position the past few years now. That's an easy decision.

    -Look at teams like the Patriots who seem to always trade back, they're already set. They can afford to miss out on BPA and just add a few more picks and grab some players at positions at smaller needs while they're at it. They have the luxury of stashing some guys until needed a couple years later.

    -The rule is you don't reach too much for a need. More busts happen that way than just going BPA.
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    Since when was quality depth the main issue for teams not making the playoffs? Look at the top teams, all of them have that one great player for them not just a whole bunch of solid players and some depth.

    Look what the Redskins and Falcons did the past couple of years and went with RG3 and Julio. They were both aggressive going for the guy they wanted and both teams made the playoffs. Was Julio that big of a need? No but was he a top 3-5 talent in that draft? Yes.

    Browns went Trent Richardson at 3 and he just had a rookie season that was spent most of the time dealing with broken ribs and still topped most of Jim Brown's rookie records.

    Packers with Aaron Rodgers.

    Houston with all their front 7 players.

    The Patriots who were so used to trading back finally got aggressive and went Hightower and Jones, both LB's.
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    When the BPA and a position of need is the same, then it's an obvious pick. You just don't see that as much. We can each give examples all day countering each others points but the ideal selection is getting a top talent at a position needed. That's why you see so much movement in the draft, it's not to just add depth but to get in that draft position where it sorta evens out the BPA/need.
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    OMG! There's not one single GM in the NFL that gets every draft pick right. They all have draft busts. The Titans had the most successful years while Floyd Reese was GM. He and Fishy Face had a power struggle, but overall, I think Floyd was a great GM. He's also done very well for the Pats. He's not perfect, but he is much better than who we've tried at the GM position since he left.
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    I think Webster has done a good job so far evaluating talent, the past two years have definitely shown that.
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    Ignorant Titan fans.
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    He's shown solid drafting. Locker has upside if he can get the game to slow down, and wright will be a good target for years to come. Our complete starter replacement has been solid in the LB corps. 2 second rounders and a 4th. Three starting able DTs, spread in the mid to late rounds. 14 overall picks, 8 starters or rotational players. Not including Senseabaugh who saw playing time. But our top three picks of the past two years are all playing, if not starting for us. Locker, Wright, Casey, Martin, Ayers, Brown.

    Busts? Maaaaybe locker, but still can't fully attribute that pick to the GM. That weak RB Harper... Total waste.

    But if we can hit on the top three round consecutively for years... We will be a strong drafting team. A couple late round gems will show up.