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Ayers will have to be patient

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Akeem Ayers felt like he was on a roll. Coaches raved about the linebacker all offseason, when they tried finding as many ways possible to deploy him.

    An ankle injury has sidelined Ayers for the final two preseason games, however. It happened when a Bengals lineman fell on him last Saturday.

    “I feel like I’ve really gotten better, am really progressing at a lot of different things,” the third-year pro said. “That’s the bad part about it, you reach a certain point and you get injured and you have to take time off. So I’m dealing with that now.”

    Ayers, the team’s leading tackler last season, said he expected to be ready for the season opener at Pittsburgh on Sept. 8.

    “I feel like I got far enough along that when I come back in the next couple of weeks, I can pick up where I left off,” he said. “I feel like I dodged a bullet, but unfortunately I am still going to miss time.”

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    Ayers and Brown gonna be the highlights of a miserable season Imo.
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    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!


    Not if they don't play.