Another year of Amano

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  1. NYCTitanfan84

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    Lol..this is all we were trying to tell you yesterday ! LOL.
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    Thank you...thank you...thank you...
  3. GeronimoJackson

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    Griffin is a tricky one, I'm actually not mad about tagging him, the guy has all the talent in the world to be an elite safety, just maybe he'll get it together with his last chance...
  4. Big TT

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    I for one am tired of waiting on him to "get it together", we hear rumors of personal issues. I don't care about his issues. He is soft, soft, soft. No place for that in his position.
  5. netnut

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    If Peyton does not come here! I say he just gave the FINGER to the state of Tennessee!
    My reaction will be the same !
  6. Thaddeus43

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    So you would take Manning at 70% at what he used to be? That would make his 2010 stats around 3290 yds passing and 23 TDs ... Hasselbeck could put up those numbers and wouldn't cost us nearly as much, nor would we have missed out on a C.

    You guys need to quit acting like Peyton Manning is some sort of football god, and if he just graces your team with his presence it will make them SB contenders. A Peyton at 100%, yes I can see the appeal. He is a future 1st ballot HoFer. But anything less than 100% and he is damaged goods. Why invest in damaged goods when you have something brand new waiting on you?
  7. Kaeotik

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    It's not really about numbers as much as the way peyton gets the team in the right play before the snap WAY BETTER than Hasselbeck. Manning as a playcaller easily>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chris Palmer. If we get Peyton, our offensive 3 and outs will go WAY down. That will help the defense tremendously as well.
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  8. Thaddeus43

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    I really don't think we had much of a choice with Griffin. S is a big concern right now, and as much as we have all been disappointed in Griffin, there just isn't any better option out there this year, or on the roster. There just aren't any real good safety FA prospects out there this year, and we have bigger needs to address in the draft.

    Tagging Griffin is just a short term solution. The FO just wants Griffin while we fill other holes (unless this peyton thing prevents it), then next year we will go hard after a safety either in FA or the draft. Tagging him is the only way to keep him because there is no way he will sign a short term or cheap contract. People still think he is a good safety for some reason and I'm sure a team would have over paid for him. Tagging him was the only option IMO
  9. Titans2004

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    If Griffin were smart he would go ahead and sign his tender, before we sign Manning and decide we need to use that 6.5mil to upgrade the DL.
  10. SawdustMan

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    No it isn't. People were, and still are, acting like Mario Williams was 100% about to be a Titan. That was simply not going to happen given his contract expectations. Sorry guys.

    And pay close attention to the part of my quote that you bolded. I said IF money was their #1 concern, it's POSSIBLE that is why we missed on them. Some of you are acting like it's definitely the case. But we just don't know.

    I just think people are getting way to bent out of shape about something that is purely an assumption on their part, and nothing more.