Adrian Peterson says hes gonna get 2500 yards LMAO!

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    Also, if Johnson did have a combined 18 games under 70 yards since he got paid no one would care about his contract.

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    I'll be real with you guys on CJ, Im not one to hold back either, but this dude is a young guy with fame and fortune going for him, he gets to live his life, but he better produce on Sundays.

    If he isn't ripping defenses apart I have no interest in this mans life, but since he can do this (usually anyways) he can go decapitate a stripper for all I care.

    If you can score points for my team, you're above the law, sad to say, but screw it.
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    Yes they are. They may not want to be, but they're role models by default. That's just the way it goes.

    Some are bigger role models than others. CJ is the most well known player on the Titans. He definitely qualifies.
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    No, they are not. Just being in the public eye does not make you a role model. People have a right to live their lives the way they want as long as they don't directly harm others whether they are famous or not. It's not your right to tell anyone how to live their lives. That's not "just the way it goes". By your definition the following men were role models: OJ Simpson, Rae Carruth, Rolando McClain, Pac-man, the list goes on and on.

    The term role model carries the connotation that the person is modeling positive behavior. Most of these guys are just trying to live their lives, being a role model is the furthest thing from their minds. A kid's parents are the only people who don't have the choice of whether to be a role model or not. It is us who have created the idea that pro athletes should be role models and we need to stop because more often than not you wouldn't want your kid imitating their behavior.Pro athletes have no responsibility to other people's kids. Hell, stereotypically speaking many of them feel no sense of responsibility towards their own kids.
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    Lol... I'm not saying that they should be role models, but a lot of them don't have a say in it - especially when it comes to superstar athletes. CJ might not be the biggest role model because not a huge portion of children know much about him. In general though, athletes are probably the biggest role models on younger children. I know when I was young I loved Eddie and Steve. I'd say they were role models for me when I was 9-13. I looked up to them.

    If CJ were on a big market team, he would not get by with this stuff without taking a lot of heat.

    No one has been able to answer what would happen if RG3, Manning, or Brady were to tweet this stuff out... because it's obvious it wouldn't go over well for them. No one has even mentioned another NFL player who would be stupid enough to do this crap - because it's just that stupid. There probably isn't another NFL player who would do it. Maybe Stevie Johnson, and we all know that guy is a class A moron.
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    I looked up to athletes too but only within their sport. I wanted to play like them, maybe even look like them. But my actual role models were my parents, that's how it should be.
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    the problem is that stupid behavior is reinforced. Remember Fred-Ex? That no talent loser was nobody until he started hamming it up and made up a stupid nickname for himself. How much more airtime did Chad Ochocinco, Keyshawn Johnson, etc. get, while more productive receivers who weren't loud took a back seat?
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    Exactly. When people make a huge deal out of things like this and they hit major media outlets, that's when kids find out. Also this think of the children stuff is usually just grandstanding. Very few people actually care about what other people's kids are exposed to. They just want an "acceptable" reason to look down on people who behave in ways they personally find unacceptable.
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    No. I do care about kids.

    But even without the role model aspect, CJ was a complete and total moron for tweeting that out. Again, no one has disputed that.

    And no one has named one NFL player who would be that stupid. And no one has explained what the effects would be if the likes of RG3, Brady, and Manning tweeted out that they were hosting this event.

    RG3 is a younger millionaire than CJ, but he's not out doing this stuff. I know several millionaires personally, and they don't do this stuff. That's pretty weird. What are they thinking?!?!?!

    RG3 is a classy guy and a good influence. CJ is not. Let's be real here.

    The stuff CJ is doing is stuff you might expect from a high schooler who just turned 18 and wants to go to the strip club for the first time. This is the type of stuff you do when you don't have money than when you're a millionaire.
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    If Manning, Brady, or RG3 did anything like this they would loose their sponsors. Their image is worth money to advertisers and companies. C.J. is not marketable so there should be no surprise here. If he wanted to fit in he would be paid for it. He has himself to look up to.