Adams screwing this franchise

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  1. gran54

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    What's bad is it looks like we are putting all of our focus to signing Manning and we are losing sight of Mario. I would much rather have Mario over Peyton.
  2. TitansWrath

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    Does it?

    Tom Brady > Eli Manning. But which one is 2-0 in head-to-head super bowl matchups.

    Why? DL. ;)
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  3. TheSureThing

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    is keeping locker on the shelf for 2 more years really the end of the world...stop crying already..
  4. TorontoTitanFan

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    It's hard for me to imagine a more appealing defensive end hitting the free agent market in the next decade, let alone next season.

    I agree QB > DL when you have neither, but the Titans have a promising young quarterback they can start next season and they also have a gaping hole at DE. In this case, I think getting the DE is way more important.
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  5. TheSureThing

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    Why? Wes Welker..

    Why? David Tyree..

    two freak plays changed the outcome of both superbowls and yet Tom Brady sitll has more rings and superbowl appearances than Eli Manning despite Eli Manning having an elite defensive line his entire career.

    It's a QB driven league, not a over paid/overrated DE driven league.
  6. Alex1939

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    Well where I think it hurts us more is we should have tagged Finny instead of Griff.

    Sign Manning and Tag of Finny >>> Mario.
  7. Alex1939

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    Well played sir!
  8. Laserjock

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    Point taken and agree...though I am hopeful we will not suffer that fate anytime soon.

    <hijack off>
  9. TitansWrath

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    Yes, it is a QB driven league. That's why you need to have large, fast men to kill them.

    Without Strahan, Tuck, Osi, etc., Tyree and Manningham are never in the position to make those plays.

    I agree with the guy a few posts up. We have a promising young QB. We don't have a DE. Let's sign the thing we don't have, not the thing we do have.
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  10. Thaddeus43

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    Are you saying it is more likely we win a superbowl than Jake Locker play this year?

    Why do people think that Peyton = Superbowl? There is no evidence to support that. The colts were one of the best teams for over a decade, yet he won 1 SB. If you are after a really good regular season, then Peyton is your guy. If you want to win a Superbowl then your better off with a guy like Brady or Eli or Big Ben. You guys act like he wins the superbowl every other year or something.

    Also the worst case scenario is he isn't healthy at all, but since he is "Peyton Manning" and he is "Bud's Guy" he won't get benched. We then waste a ton of money, miss out on the opportunity to sign FAs that actually fill holes, and a whole year that would have otherwise been used to develop Jake Locker is wasted. Which is also a much more likely than Manning taking us to the Superbowl. Lets face it, Peyton has missed as many full seasons as he has won SB's. And he didn't win the SB last year, he did miss the entire season though.