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According to Steve Young we just need to pack it in with the other "wannabe's"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titan1207, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. CheeseheadTitan

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    I agree with that....so, it is either Manning or Hass for them, you think?
  2. DownSouthPlayer

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    Moss trots down field if it's not a passing play for him and he only has like 2 years left in his tank.

    Manningham is a 3rd string WR, he isnt a star WR. Crabtree never lived up to his hype.

    49ers will need another WR core right after this coming up season imo.
  3. World Peace

    World Peace Season Tickets in the Red Seats

    How funny would it be to see Jim Harbaugh congratulate Peyton Manning after a win with a big smack on his back... Jim Schwartz Style.. and Peyton Manning fall to the ground and have to retire. :)
  4. World Peace

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    Its manning or bust for 49ers. If they don't get him.. you have to ask yourself.. can Kapernick be that much worse than Alex smith?
  5. World Peace

    World Peace Season Tickets in the Red Seats

    I think Harbaugh is an excellent coach, I wish we could have gotten him here... He can make any QB into a solid player. but Bud didn't look past the first door on the left at Baptist Sports Park for our new coach.
    Luck will be a bust, the writing is on the wall.. and as soon as Harbaugh left, luck's stats went down.
  6. TheSureThing

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    I don't get the 49ers. I feel like they could either be the clear cut favorite, no one else ever had a chance, or there just an irrelevant team who's "interest in manning" was fabricated by the media.

    He didn't even visit them and no one from the Manning camp has ever referenced them as a finalist or anything. Manning worked out for them 5 days ago when Arizona and Miami were still in the hunt.

    On the other hand, the only team he didn't visit gives him the best chance to win a superbowl. And I did read an SI article that there was a GM who said they would not pursue Peyton but if he called them and told them he wanted to play there they would definitely sign him.

    Still, NFC, California, West Coast, doesn't seem like a fit. Hopefully he doesn't do what I think he might do and destroy his reputation with Vols fans in the great state of Tennessee.
  7. Finnegan2win

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    Sounds like clear, unbiased reporting.. you know, the usual ESPN fodder.
  8. corymiller

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    Crabtree can't catch, Manningham is inconsistent and Moss is old. Yet Moss is the best receiver on that receiving core. They're still going to give the ball to Gore/Hunter 30+ times a game.

    And say what you will about Nate, that dude played his a** off this season!!!

    Can we get Erick banned already for his douchiness?!? I want PM to sign with us just so you'll leave this fanbase. We want real fans who support their team no matter what!! Not a pu**y who quits
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