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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Puck, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. GLinks

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    4th to 6th. Anything more would be foolish and the Fins know that. It'll be a measure of who wants him and how set on not having him around the Dolphins are. If I was Miami and didn't get at least a fifth, I probably wouldn't do it, especially with the loss of Sammy Morris.
  2. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    Titans will probably look at him a little bit. On one hand, it's "why bother" or "why take the risk," but if he's given it up really, then he could be good to have around, and maybe keep a little positive media attention on the team. I mean, the media would be "watching" him as well, and the Titans would be on TV more. I'd maybe take LenDale, Chris Brown and Ricky Williams into the season. Then move on into the draft without giving up too much, like a fifth and a small relative amount of money. I'd give Chris and Ricky maybe $3.5M combined - surely under $5 or 6M for the whole position (not sure what LW's scheduled to make this year) and then move on into the draft with all the picks except maybe a 5th or so, be 3 RBs deep, and then take players we need at the other positions. This way we haven't given up on LenDale and go into the season with three very hungry running backs - no pun intended. Just an idea.
  3. Puck

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    ya know ........... I think rules against THC are a little harsh
    If a player is allowed to consume alcohol (which can be far more harmful ), then small amounts of THC should be tolerable

    Players have had problems with incidents where alcohol was an issue and they're still playing. There's quite a list of players who have had DUI offenses and in at least one case it has resulted in anothers death

    now, don't get me wrong, I DO NOT CONDONE ITS USE , but I do not feel a man should be harshly punished for private medicinal purposes.
    I do however believe that POSSESSION of quantities equalling more than 1/4 ounce for social recreation or even distribution should be.

    with all the issues currently regarding Jones and Henry, Ricky Williams looks like a pretty harmless individual
  4. DCtitan49

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    1 word, pacman
  5. Pacman isn't misunderstood. I'd say he's pretty well understood...
  6. SwingOnDeezBalz

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    Hahah, this has become a GEM of a thread.

    Ricky is misunderstood?
    Ricky is actually a good teammate?
    The Dolphins mis-treated his contractual issues?
    THC should be allowed in small traces?
    PACMAN is misunderstood?
    Ricky is still a good back?

    It's Easter Sunday, and some of you boys need to go to Church. Ricky is a criminal. He buys, smokes, and condones the usage of weed. Weed is illegal. I don't care if you personally think it's harmless, it's against the law and he does it...repeatedly....and lets it stand in the way of his negotiated responsibilities.....and lets it stand in the way of his obligations to his teammates....and leaves the country in order to escape prosecution.

    Have I covered all points yet? He didn't even play well in the CFL!!

    Ricky Williams is as worthless as +i+s on a boar.
  7. Puck

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    I never said allowed, .... I said tolerable
  8. Dr.Awkward

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  9. johnnybow

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    I'll let you know when I need you to tell me I need to go to church. Keep your pious comments to yourself. If you want to talk football I'll be glad to listen.
  10. RyansTitans

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    Ricky has some problems that people just cant understand. He is misunderstood... sure he smokes weed but come on. Who dosent these days in the sports world.
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