A misperception about the Titans' approach

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. PitBull

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    :biglaugh: Paul Kuharsky kicks butt!
    He all but called Vince a bust.
  2. titansfan769

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    I think the one thing that people really overlook is the sucess rate of big spenders. Think about it. Dallas hasnt won a playoff game in over a decade, yet for every free agent that hits the market you hear that a possible destination is dallas. Redskins are another example. Maybe instead of complaining that our front office doesnt sign anyone everyone should just realize that the low risk, high upside free agents are the way to go. When you are 30 mill under the cap, coming off a 13-3 season where you were one old tight end holding onto the ball away from a possible superbowl appearence and a clear on shot at winning it vs the cards and the biggest free agent youve signed in the past 4 years is kevin mawae, chris hope and nick harper...id say your front office is doing a GREAT JOB
  3. MJTitans

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    I know, I was kinda just messing with you. :) The 'Skins weren't a great example of free-agency strategy, and I thought the whole ski-trip thing was a funny comparison.

    I think our needs this year are dramatically different than in previous years. We had a decent starting group, with terrible depth at some positions - and lots of unknowns with free agents of our own, especially on both lines. We needed to rebuild under the hood a bit.

    This year we don't need 5-6 solid role players, we need 2 or 3 playmakers. As seen in the BAL game, take CJ out and we're stuck. If we had a QB like Big Ben who can make something out of nothing... If we had a WR like Ward who just gets open and keeps drives alive... If Washington provides a spark to the offense... We just are a couple players away from being really tough to stop. So I'm leaning a little towards your view on free agency this year. But I think it has to be different each year.
  4. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    Well, then it isn't saying much. No system has won us a superbowl!

    It's difficult to accurately criticize, especially with a relatively successful team like ours. I think there is room for criticism, but I don't think our lack of early free agency spending is at or near the top of the list.
  5. Riverman

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    Hmm. OK.
  6. ColtKiller

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    How many times have you watched that play? You say it was 'either ball carrying or following blocks, etc' as if you're purely speculating that those may have had something to do with the ball getting stripped...which is precisely what happened. It got stripped, he had it in his grasp and a Raven grabbed it and pulled it loose. That kinda sht happens. Does that make Lendale a bad RB? No. Does that make our team shtty because that caused us to lose? No. It's just a lousy turn of events. Unlucky. We were prepared for that game and should have won it, but the ball just didn't bounce our way the couple times we needed it to.

    You can chalk it up to some mysterious summation of events, perhaps the stars aligned in Baltimore's favor over the Eastern horizon or whatever the hell you think happened, but anyone who really knows and watches football knows that sometimes sht just happens. Pack it up and see ya next season, where we make our THIRD consecutive trip to the post season, all the while having our organization hated upon by you
  7. Riverman

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    "Luck" is more of a "mysterious summation of events" or "stars aligned in Baltimore's favor over the Eastern horizon" than the rock solid pure accountability of lesser performance.

    YOU sir, suscribe to the philosophy of random chance of EXCUSABILITY you call "luck". I view things quite differently. The end result of an event is the sum of its contributing factors. I don't need to find some lame way to reference the unpleasant stark fact THAT WE LOST THAT GAME. It wasn't luck. WE LOST BECAUSE WE DID NOT DO ENOUGH THINGS CORRECTLY to win that game. Plain and Simple.

    Do you really think when they review that game film that Fisher is going to say- "Geez, guys. We should have won that game. We just had some bad luck. Nothing to learn there." Hell no, he isn't. He is going to break that film down and then break it down again looking for things that could have and should have been done differently. To do anything else suggests one is not interested in doing all that is possible to reduce the chances of it happening again.

    And btw- I'm not interesting in putting any "hate on the organization" as you suggest. You just don't recognize that some folks work a different angle to get the same result.
  8. 4EverYoung

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    Signing your own players to extensions is much more cost efficient than sign lots of free agents.

    Finnegan is making about 4 million a year. That is a young pro bowl corner. Andre Goodman just got 5 million a year. He is an old decent number 2 corner.
  9. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    Agreed. But we are talking about filling a need through free agency. I'd be happy if we never had any needs, but our drafting and development doesn't hit every time leaving some team needs.
  10. 4EverYoung

    4EverYoung Camp Fodder

    When you sign your players to long deals it delays them hitting the market for several years. That should be obvious.

    Therefore you do not have a hole at that position that needs to be filled.

    It is impossible to perfectly predict which player should be sign so there will always be a few holes.

    But because you saved money by choosing the right players to resign ahead of team, you have more money to fill those holes.
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