A Matt Hasselbeck Comparison

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    And a lost fumble.
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    So basically you are telling me that I can't say that MH had a good game only because of Britt, but yet you can turn around and say KFC only had a good game because of Britt? Double standard there. You have to judge each guy equally. You are letting your hate for KFC cloud your judgement. Really MH and KFC are similar type players. When they had KB to bail them out they could put up good numbers ... without KB they struggled.
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    I asked myself that question during every game he started after his injury.
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    One of them played with an elite running game and one didn't.

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    You completely misunderstood what I was saying... I said you can't say MH only had a good game because of Britt simply because the same could be said for KFC (and would completely destroy your comparable stats view). I was saying that in your favor because KFC benefited from Britt just as much, if not more than Hasselbeck did.

    It wasn't a double standard at all. I was actually trying to prevent a double standard that would've happened had I not said "don't bring up Britt."
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    This is like comparing horse crap to cow crap. On one side the rationale argument is they look and smell very similar. On the irrational side of the argument one is crap but the other is butterscotch drops. Give me a break. Hass started out pretty well in 2011 but ended on the same level as VY passing the ball in 2007. He was pathetic.

    Ignoring KC's last season stint with the Colts his QB ratings over his last three years with the Titans were 80.2, 65.5 and 82.2. His last full season as a starter was 2008 (80.2). Hasselbeck's QB rating the last three years, all as a starter were 75,73,82. So yea, let us get in a free for all trying to argue either of these guys is nothing more than crap. By the way going back to 2008 Hass only played in 7 games but did really shine with a 58 rating.

    Now JC likes to make sure we point out that we are only comparing KC from 2010 and Hass from 2011 but what difference does it make? KC is three years older than Hass. So you have to take that into consideration. Collins was 36 years old when he helped the Titans to a 13-3 record in 2008. The same age Hass is now. In 2010 KC was 38 years old. At the rate Hass is going he won't be able to complete a pass over 20 yards when he is 38.
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    Ok, gotcha. I see what you were getting at now.
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    KFC made FAR more braindead decisions than MH did.

    FAR more.

    KFC also didnt have his #1 WR hurt, and played with one of the best running games in the league.

    There is no comparison. Sorry.
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    2010 KFC with Britt on the field:
    129/211 (61.1%), 1551 yds, 14 TD/6 INT, 94.6 QBR (3-4 record)

    2010 KFC without Britt:
    31/67 (46.3%), 272 yds, 0 TD/2 INT, 49.2 QBR (0-3 record)

    2011 MH with Britt on the field:
    51/76 (67.1%), 621 yds, 4 TD/2 INT, 94.1 QBR (2-1 record - if you even count the 18 yards Britt put up before tearing his ACL and MCL)

    2011 MH without Britt:
    268/442 (60.6%), 2950 yds, 14 TD/12 INT, 80.4 QBR (7-6 record)

    It's clear both QBs benefited tremendously with Britt, but it's also obvious how useless KFC was without him and how Hasselbeck still managed to be decent.
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