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    I like to bring up KFC a lot when talking about MH for a few reasons, 1 is because they were the last 2 starters this team had, and 2 is because some of Hass's inability to move the ball last year reminded me a lot of KFC. A lot of people like to laugh at the notion of comparing "the great" Matt Hasselbeck to KFC, so I decided I would dig a little deeper into the comparsion and use some actual stats ... surprisingly (even to me) KFC stacks up pretty evenly against Hass.

    For the comparison I used MH's stats last year, and KFC's stats from 2010 (his last year as a Titan)

    Att Comp. % Yds Yds/att TD Int
    MH 518 61.6 3571 6.9 18 14
    KFC 278 57.6 1823 6.6 14 8

    TD/Int Ratio 1st down % TD % Int % QB Rating
    MH 1.2 31.5 3.4 2.7 82.4
    KFC 1.75 32.4 5.0 2.9 82.2

    MH and KFC were dead even in almost every category. Obviously MH had more yards, but he also had nearly double the attempts. When you even the playing field in this category by looking at yards per attempt, MH and KFC are very close. It really shows that MH wasn't really much better than KFC at moving the team down the field.

    Another category that really sticks out is the 1st down %. The 2nd half of last year MH was dreadful in picking up 1st downs ... turns out he was actually worse at it than KFC was.

    KFC threw only 4 less touchdowns than MH in 240 less attempts ... He threw TD's on 5% of his attempts compared to MH who threw TD's in only 3.4% of his attempts. On the other hand he threw ints 2.9% of the time compared to MH who threw ints 2.7% of the time. KFC had the better TD/int ratio

    Their QB ratings were nearly identical.

    In conclusion, there is not one statistical category that MH performed significantly better in than KFC.

    Would you sit Locker on the bench for KFC? No ... but if he sits on the bench for MH, then that is essentially what you are doing

    Edit: for some reason the formating looks different than when I was writing the post ... so it the stats/category shifted a little

    the attached is easier to read

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    Ugh, why?
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    KFC in 2010 3-7
    MH in 2011 9-7

    The other thing is Collins was a sitting duck and was sacked nearly twice as often, Hasselbeck made some plays after things broke down, whereas Collins can not.

    Hasselbeck also had twice as many plays for over 20-yards.

    And don't forget about fumbles. When KFC wasn't throwing to the fans in the stands, he was fumbling all the damn time.

    This seems like a thread RollTide would start.
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    Come on now you cant do that ... 1st you say Collins was sacked twice as many times. And if you do it on a per drop back basis then yes that is true. Collins was sacked 13 times with far fewer attempts than MH who was sacked 19 times.

    But then you say that Hass had twice as many plays for over 20 yards. That is only true if you look at the total and not on a per attempt basis. You can't do that. you looked at sacks on a "per attempt" basis, so to be fair you have to look at this stat in the same way ... You are trying to twist the stats.

    Here is the truth. Hass had 43 20+ yard plays in 518 attempts (8.3% of his attempts). KFC had 23 20+ yd plays in 278 attempts (8.27% of his attempts).

    If you look at that stat on a per attempt level (which is only fair) then KFC was just as good at getting 20+ yard plays as Hass was.

    You are just trying to bend the stats to fit your arguement. I am trying to be objective.
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    In the interest of being "fair and objective" however, you do bring up a good point about wins. (although I factor coaching into that as well). I would rather have Hass than Kerry, but the point is that Hass really didn't do as much as some people on this board seem to believe.

    I couldn't find any redzone statistics for Hass and Kerry, but I bet Hass wins that one pretty easily ... unfortunately it only matters if you can get the team into the redzone.

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    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ewSS9h3pEAU?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/DkjySFerLqM?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    You are just trying to avoid the ugly truth that Hass isn't so much different than KFC. I posted facts, not dumb clips to make my point
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    If Kerry wasn't drunk all of 2009 and 2010, he shoulda been.
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    I don't know why it's so hard for people to see this. But I can't simply ignore it. I really started to get flash backs of the KFC days during the second half of last year. And as a fan, one of the most glorious days in the history of mankind was the day he announced his retirement. I was so worried that this team was going to force the issue with him out there again under center for another mind numbing season of 3 and outs.

    There's nothing better to dash the hopes of a season, than to start a QB that you know will not take the team anywhere. And it's even worse when you look around the league and see every other team moving forward with their QB and team. And us?? Well we are having arguments over staring a 37 yr. old QB in Matt Hasselbeck, who we all know will not take this team to the playoffs, much less be able to start an entire season...it's maddening.

    Just like last offseason there were Titan beat writers galore (2 in particular) who were saying that the team would and should by the way, go with Kerry Collins again in 2011. I thought I was living in a parallel universe. But I just don't think they really care; Y.A. Title could start for this team and they would be fine with it. So I'm not putting much stock into what Wyatt and the like are saying. I say the team should and will (hopefully) go with Jake Locker and never look back. And then maybe, just maybe, this team can start to progress forward with the QB position.
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    I can't wait for preseason. I want to see Jake and Matt duel it out in live action. And if its even close, and they start Hass, I all of a sudden have very little interest in this season. Hass will take us nowhere.

    I fully expect to see Jake blow Hass out of the water though. It was very close last preseason, I thought. With a full season under his belt, Jake will win the job pulling away.