A draft day trade in the works............

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by bongo59, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    What some people apparently forget, or don't know at all, is that we received a 2nd rounder from the Jets for McCareins in the first place, so 1) It's not like we'd be trading Steve for JMac, upon further review 2) JMac was as productive as Bennett before he left 3) It's a great way to shore up the receiving question left by Givens 4) He's a character guy, who, out of that multitude of receivers we had at one point -- Hill, Schifino, Berlin, was the only one of value. The Jets had the same hopes for him as we have for Givens 5) He's a known quantity with speed, physicality and runs good routes 6) It's a smart move if we cannot retain Bennett. A 4th isn't bad - it's what we used to draft him, and he's not on his way out of the league or anything, so offering a 5th or 6th, which may seem ideal to some, may not actually be feasible. We can wait to see if we need him, but the offer itself is fine.
  2. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    Good points, both Glinks and Soxcat.
  3. MattPan25

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    i like jmac and when he was here he did pretty well i thought. if i remember right they resigned drew b in their contract years, and let go jmac. hes a kinda like bobby wade only better i think and could be a good wr here again. id say do it for a rd 5 pick or get him if the jets cut him. take a chance maybe he would come back to form with the titans.
  4. Soxcat

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    The advantage we have with JMac is we should have a good handle on what his value is considering he played here. Sure he had a few tough years in NY but his numbers until this year were decent (770 and 713 yards). He was basically beat out of a starting postion by Cotchery, who caught 82 passes for almost 1000 yards this year. However, if I'm going to make a playoff run next year and stand to lose my best WR to FA with my second best WR coming off a serious knee knjury I would give JMac a good long look. Even a 1st round rookie might not be as productive next year and certainly a 4th round pick couldn't be expected to light it up in their first year.
  5. Brian

    Brian Big Fan

    Bobby Wade is a better player. No thanks.
  6. Deal, but give them a 5/6th and not a 4th...
  7. bongo59

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    i'd t ake him back in a minute............but i would never trade for him............he is likely to be cut............and one thing we dont want is that contract he signed which we would inherit if we traded for him.................if he is cut i go for him.
  8. MattPan25

    MattPan25 Guest

    wade's biggest season was this yr, mccareins has had a couple 700 yrd years and one 800 with us. hes a better wide out but not a better special teams player. who cares lets get both back here.
  9. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    He was fine on special teams. Don't think he had a KO return for a TD, but do remember a punt return.
  10. well we dont need to bring anyone in for special teams, cause pacman has that on lock
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