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6 point underdog at home against Pats

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by shughes, Sep 4, 2012.


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    Morgan and Marks both looked good in the preseason. Morgan was double teamed all game every game, and Marks was left 1-on-1 and did a solid job.
  2. Zappa71

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    Still be hotter than it is in New England. Brady with some heat stroke.

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    It's 80 degrees up here everyday, Brady will enjoy the weather on Sunday, I was really thinking we could make them wear their blue jerseys and make em sweat, but now that's out the window.
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    It's not the heat...it's the humidity. I'ts so thick right now you could cut it with a knife. Brady gonna be breathing water. He needs to be training in a sauna to get ready for this game.
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    I wish I could like this post a 1000 times!!! Finally someone who understands my viewpoint. I watched every second of every pre season game and while the D did show promise, I'm still mightly concerned. Which is until they show me otherwise I think we will get manhandled by the patriots and I will be pleased if we keep it within 14 or 17 points!
  6. CJtheBeast

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    I wouldn't trust a guy who hasn't even seen our team this season.
  7. nickmsmith

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    Neither have you.. you haven't seen our team yet outside of controlled scrimmages....might as well be practice time. Hedging your bets based on what happens in the preseason is a hollow, empty practice that people fall for every year. There's a reason people can't hardly give away their preseason tickets. My dad donates his Colts preseason tickets for a tax write off.

    You've been around long enough to know that we've had plenty of "preseason wonders" who never amounted to anything when it really mattered. Preseason means nothing besides deciding who makes the team.

    Based on the preseason, the Colts should have been the worst team in the NFL for the last decade.... And didn't the Lions, the year they went 0-16, go undefeated in the preaseason???? ... I bet their fans were excited for that team this time of year, right?

    You can hardly judge a facet of a team after week one. MUCH LESS after seeing the preseason.
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    You seem to be basing all your preseason opinions on final records. Sure going 4-0 in August means diddly, but you CAN get something out of preseason if youre looking for the right things.

    I saw a pass rush, I saw Jake struggle with accuracy because of linemen being pushing into him and receivers dropping passes, I saw Kendall create separation, I even saw Griffin hustling! I saw tons to make me think this team is getting ready to do bigger better things than last year.
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  9. cdubbs2121

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    I'm a Titans apologist/ optimist til the very end...But...

    This could get ugly. Can't tell if people on here are delusional or not. Preseason doesn't matter. Look how many teams in the past have murdered in the preseason only to get slaughtered when it counts.

    I hope Brady's line crumples and he falls under the monumental weight of the soft crowd at LP stadium who don't enjoy rowdy fans and standing. Hopefully I'm wrong and we avenge the december game!
  10. The Playmaker

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    Yeeeeah we lost to the Jaguars to start our season last year so excuse me if I'm not overly optimistic that we win this game. I do think we actually have a much better shot than people are giving us credit for but it's hard to go against Brady.