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    We are closer to having 3-4 type personnel now than we ever have been mainly because of Ayers and Wimbley could could easily handle the 2 OLB spots. We would need another big 315 lb plus body since Morgan is not ideal size for a 3-4 end and Martin is more of a 1 gap type DT who can be a liability against the run.

    It could be done no question but we would need one more big body up front. Jesse Williams in the 2nd round would be that type of guy.
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    No way Williams gets to the 2nd rd.

    I see no valid reason why we would change to the 3-4. Even in our 4-3 we need another big body. Brown and Ayers are arguably our best two defenders and they are perfectly suited for a 4-3.
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    Excellent point. But, we could do the same thing this year. Bring in a stud 1st rounder and a legit FA.. wait, we're the Titans.
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    Couldn't agree more. We need to use Akeem just like Von Miller.
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    Martin a liability? 5th best run stop percentage among interior linemen (DT's, NT's, and 3-4 DE's) league wide. Also one of our better pass rushers. 6th in the league among interior lineman in pass rush productivity.

    I don't get it.
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    Yeah i'd think Martin would be good as a 34 DE. But, I have very little knowledge of 3-4 Ds.. never played in it, and my team (college/NFL) don't run it.
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    5 tech DE. Line up on the outside shoulder of the tackle.

    Being asked to be a hybrid DE/DT. Each lineman is responsible for 2 gaps basically. Needs to be able to shed blocks... Really well to help in run defense. Doesn't need to be super athletic but it's a plus. Normally they are big boys. The other thing they have to do is be able to read what the offense is doing, otherwise they are just going to be out of position.

    Martin may be awesome against one on ones and can still hold point of attack against a double, he rarely beats or gets off that double. He's essentially an undersized Nt. the types that can bully their way across the line. Call a double and can hold the point.
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    He is strong against the run in our defence because the linemen are required to play an attack and react style. Bascially meaning they try to quickly slip past the blocker rather than engage him. Not all 4-3 defences have their line play this way. Ours does though.

    All 3-4 defences require the linemen to play a read and react style. Which means they engage the blocker and watch where the play is going to. Linemen in the 3-4 need to be able to stand in against offensive linemen. As such 3-4 d-linemen are always quite big.

    Some guys can do both well. Martin cannot. It would be like asking :cj: to be a power back and move the pile the way Eddie George did. Warren Sapp also could not. When he moved from Tampa Bay to Oakland to play in a 3-4 he struggled.
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    Yeah.. being like 6'1 190 I never had to be on the line lol. I stuck with safety and receiver.. and basketball. I know all what you said, basically their responsbilities just from google.. but just not enough to determine if our current players would excel. To me I see Martin as a good fit from the same reasons you said, but I just don't have the knowledge to defend it lol.
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    Haha yea,, 5'7-170. Me either,

    But in reality Martin is best suited in the 43 role beside a monster DT like star. Who will also pull double teams. Can push the pocket and help greatly in run support... While Martin gets a single (ha ha) and blows **** up...