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2014 Quarterback Class

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Tennessy XO, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. LoneWolf

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    Jimmy Garoppolo

    He is a legitimate NFL draft prospect now, comes from the same school as Tony Romo did. Has his team ranked #2 in the FCS with his only loss coming from a undefeated Northern Illinois team.

    He stands at 6'3 223lbs has a fast delivery, strong mechanics, and a big arm. Be worth the shot in the later rounds to push Locker, if Locker can't make it through next season Garoppolo would have a year in the NFL and probably some experience due to injuries at the position.



  2. Fry

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    I'm a big fan, but when you watch him you see a lot of Locker. Similar size, speed and accuracy that comes and goes.

    His offensive line has been terrible this season, but he sees the rush a lot. When he runs he drops his eyes looking to pick up yards immediately rather than trying to go down field.
  3. Scarecrow

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    I don't want anyone with accuracy issues, not anymore......
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  4. Fry

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    He completes over 66% of his passes, but he goes through a stretch in every game where he's just off. The beginning of the Nebraska game he couldn't hit the ocean if he fell out of a boat, but then he got hot and couldn't miss the next three quarters.

    He's just a RS sophomore, so improvement should be expected. I still think he could use another year in school.
  5. xpmar9x

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    haha, i've partied with him before. Cool dude. I've only seem him play once however, and I don't remember much of the game... :beerbang:
  6. Finnebosch

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    Jacked my swag smh
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  7. Renfro95

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    Every draft prospect looks like a 1st round pick to the untrained eye on youtube. Just saying. I haven't seen enough of Hundley to say what he is. Personally, if I were forced to pick a QB, I would take Murray. He has played the best competition at a high level for a long time now. He is a senior and plays in a more pro style offense and has for his entire college career. He has competed against the best defenses that college ball has to offer and is ready to compete day 1 IMO.
  8. Ensconatus

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    That's why you start with the greats. Watch them. Study them. Understand WHY they succeed. Then take those traits and use them as comparison tool. This isn't some secret knowledge. Also looking at the tendencies of a prospect happens naturally.

    4 major points to look at with a QB.

    1. Pocket presence
    2. Good feet/Technique (watch where he holds the ball naturally as well as release point, sloppy feet or a technique master a la P. Manning?
    3. Accuracy considering depth and speed of ball to the far hash
    4. And most importantly the ability to raise the talent level of the team. Can he/does he elevate the team?

    Also, it's an art. There is NO science you can apply to it. You can calculate all you want but stats and %'s don't correlate to success at the next level.
  9. TBaker34

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    I think a big part of that Nebraska game was because it was the first game since their teammate died
  10. 5tweezyPOT

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    maybe he was just on this boat