2013 Sleeper and Small School Prospects

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    Who do you guys feel will be the later round talents, and small school standouts that can be studs/decent nfl players?

    Small School
    Cooper Taylor 6'4 228lb SS Richmond
    He started out at Georgie Tech and shined his freshman year, got diagnose with a heart defect (which is fix now) and sat out a season. When he came back he was sidelined due to play of other secondary players. Big, fast, and aggressive player. Plays in a the box, good tackler, and can blitz. Biggest down sides is his size and not being fluid in coverage.

    Quanterus Smith DE 6'5 250 DE Western Kentucky
    He is tied for sacks right now at 12.5. Has the ability to get to the QB but lacks consistency. Started the season on fire recording 3 sacks against Alabama. When he gets sacks they come in bunches against Florida International he recorded 5 sacks.

    Sleeper Prospect
    Aaron Hester 6'1 207lb CB Ucla
    Has great size for a corner. Very physical with receivers and excels in press coverage, but lacks the ability to play zone. He is a good tackler, but doesn't have the best ball skills. However he will lock down top receivers and make plays in the running game.
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    David Baas (not the Giants OL):
    6'5 275, should go 4th-5th Rd
    Look at them stats, paired with his size. Boinkers.

    Matt Brown, QB, Illinois St (my alma mater!)
    6'4 220, should go 6th-7th Rd
    Hold every passing ISU record known to man. He's got the size and decent speed. Great arm (I went to every game, and he's got a cannon). He's set for a practice squad year 1, and then be carried as a backup and grow.

    Washaun Ealey, RB, Jacksonville St
    5'11 215, should go 5th ish
    Was on the Georgia Bulldogs, but got kicked off the team for a hit-n-run and other issues. He's got all the tools to be a successful runningback... besides a brain.

    Norman White, WR, Villanova
    6'4 215, should go 6th-7th Rd
    You can't teach size. That simple. Redzone threat.

    Montez Miles, S, California (PA) (Tommie Campbells school)
    6'0 210, 5th(ish)
    Tackling machine, built like LaRon Landry. Will be interested to see his 40. Plays mean, reminds me of Al Afalava.
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    Two of the most interesting ones you posted are Washaun Eale and Matt Brown. Eale if I recall did pretty well at Georgie Tech before getting the boot. Wouldn't be a bad pick up in the late rounds or undrafted free agent. I wonder how we are going to approach MH retirement will we just ride it with Rusty and Locker or try to draft a late round guy or a journeyman backup QB. It would be nice to get a guy like Matt Brown in where we wouldn't have to change the offense if Locker goes down.
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    Matt Brown 4 year starter at ISU.. his career #s:
    9897 passing yards, 71 TDs, 34 INT, 64 C%, 136.6 QB Rating (NFL Style)
    820 rushing yards, 8 TDs

    Last three years we've been in the TOP 15 in the FCS. He doesn't have RG3 speed, but i'm guessing he runs around a 4.6.
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    He doesn't need to have blazing speed. However, it would be nice to see a guy come in here with similar traits to Jake Locker. Someone who can bail out of trouble with his legs.

    JCBRAVE Wake up and die right Tip Jar Donor

    We have Rusty Smith, there's no need to look for any QB's.
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    Matt Brown reminds me of Tony Romos playstyle. I INT'd him in practice once, felt really cool. lol
  8. xpmar9x

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    I don't know a Rusty Smith, I only know a Rifle Smith.
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    Brandon Williams is a small school guy that I've got my eye on.

    Played at Missouori Southern State. Plays DT and is 6'3" 325lbs

    His last 3 years he has had over 16 TFL each year and over 8 sacks each year. This year he forced 5 fumbles as well. He was the leagues top defensive player the past 2 yrs. Obviuosly playing against lessor talent, but he sure has been active/productive from the DT spot.

    Keep an eye on him.