2013 Draft Possibilities

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  1. griff33daddy

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    best cover safety in the draft, able to play either safety coming in but would be a better fit at fs that can rome around, confidence and swagger that our team needs, solid tackler and good leader...i think i covered it pretty well....
  2. ScotTitan

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    Not in the least bit interested in Vaccaro. I want an in the box thumper, rather than a fancy dan coverage FS, we already have one of those.

    Did someone really suggest taking Vaccaro at 10?
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  3. xhrr

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    agreed just making a point what college he went to is irrelevant
  4. griff33daddy

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    except vacarro can cover better than griff and absolutely tackle better than him too...so it would be upgrading instead of getting the same type player
  5. ScotTitan

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    We are in no position to upgrade Griffin.

    We have no NFL standard SS on the roster, no LB cover, we need a starting DT and DE. We also need a big RB, another WR, 2 x Guards and maybe a TE. That's the what we need.

    So no, I think the idea of taking a FS at 10 is ridiculous.

    He can't cover better then Griffin.
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  6. griff33daddy

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    its ridiculous to think griffen is better than him....although i am high on him if we take chance or trade back i wouldnt mind but he's the player that i think we should draft at the moment if we dont trade back...they said we are happy with the de's that we have so drafting one wouldnt be till later in the draft simply for depth if we didnt sign anyone in FA...and once again i said that vacarro could play ss for us for a year until griff walks and then he could move over to fs
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  7. Fry

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    I'm sure he can, and I've never even seen Vaccarro play. I have, however, seen Michael Griffin for six years.
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  8. Ensconatus

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    Lol naw bruh. Vacarro splits time as a man corner and safety at Texas... Dude can cover lol
  9. The Playmaker

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    Unless we cut Griffin within the next 5 days we're not going Vaccaro in the 1st, let alone 10. You guys really think we're going to draft a guy even though we have so much money already tied up at the same position? We have a hole at SS not FS, Griffin is actually a good player with some help around him.

    OG, SS, WR, CB, and TE are all bigger needs right now than FS. Give me Star or the top DE in the 1st, Elam in the 2nd, and sign a CB and move Verner to the inside and we're set on defense. Taking Vaccaro would be a waste with Griffin on the team, he's not even a top 10 player anyway.
  10. FLA Titans Fan

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    Diving at the feet of a ball carrier does not by any means make you a "solid tackler". He ducks his head down when he tackles. How can you see what you're tackling if your eyes are closed and looking at the ground. Put your face mack in their chest, run your feet, and drive the hips through.

    Now if we had a impactful SS on the team I could see the Vaccaro hype, but even then at 10 Vaccaro is just not a smart choice.

    Also, while watching the cut-ups it seems like Vaccaros role and main position on passing downs is in that Nickle/Safety role. I was getting the vibe from a lot of ppl on this forum that we feel Vern should be kicked into nickle on pass downs. My point is again that Vaccaro (nothing against him as a player) is not a "Fit" for our team. We need that physical presence on the field on both sides of that ball.
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