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    To get a quote, enter a company name or stock symbol in the quote box above.

Stock Trader

Our "Stock Trader" Fantasy Stock Exchange allows you to trade real world stocks using virtual money (for entertainment purposes only).

To get started, you will need to get a quote on stock that you are interested in. To get a quote on a stock, simply use the Lookup Symbol feature above. You must enter a valid Stock symbol.

If you do not know the symbol, the easiest way to get it is to google the company name and include the key words 'stock' and 'symbol'

Some Examples of valid stock symbols are MSFT, GE, COKE, F, GOOG, IBM, ORCL, XOM and YHOO. Those symbols represent in order: Microsoft, General Electric, Coca-Cola, Ford, Google, IBM, Oracle Corp, Exxon Mobile and Yahoo!

Once you enter the symbol, the system will display the stock "quote" where you have the ability to purchase shares (as long as you have the cash and permissions to purchase).