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NFL Playoffs: Chiefs @ Colts

National Football League event created by TitanJeff, Dec 31, 2013.

Paid Out:
National Football League Event
NFL Playoffs: Chiefs @ Colts
Using the spread, choose the winner.
This Event is closed and is no longer taking wagers
This Event was settled Jan 4, 2014
Outcome Current Odds Total Staked Wagers  
Kansas City Chiefs (+2.5) 1/1 (1.00) $15,182.00 12 Win!
Indianpolis Colts (-2.5) 1/1 (1.00) $150.00 2  
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  1. TitanJeff
    If a team is +2.5, they have to lose by 3 or more. If it is +2 and they lose by 2, it's a push.
  2. Anthony4Titans
    I was obviously confused then and it's important that I had this discussion because it makes a difference how I will bet. So does it take a 3 pt margin to win or does a 2 pt margin do the trick as well? Forgive my ignorance. I'm new to all this.
  3. TitanJeff
    Not a problem. Honestly, I prefer spreads which use the half point because that means a push is impossible.
  4. Anthony4Titans
    Good deal. I bet you don't like these funky spreads. I know I don't for sure. Sorry for my outburst and carry on. You really do a great job with this site.
  5. TitanJeff
  6. Anthony4Titans
    So Jeff, in the event of a push, how do you call that on here? Refund? Win/loss?
  7. TitanJeff
    I have no idea why a half point is used in Vegas but they make all the rules.
  8. Anthony4Titans
    My bad. I was thinking the Colts won by 2.
  9. TitanJeff
    It wasn't a push. Even if it was +2, Colts only won by 1.
  10. Anthony4Titans
    The hell? How is a push a loss? Screw these 2.5 point spreads. At the least, it should be a push and not a loss since it is impossible to win or lose by 2.5 points.